Risk & Governance

A clear-sighted, pragmatic and anticipatory governance of risk grows investor, government and customer confidence. In turn, this facilitates better access to the market, resources and finance. We focus on the broad scope of non-financial risks.

Non-financial risks cover ethical, social, socio-economic, environmental, governance and regulatory aspects, and are sometimes referred to as ESG (environmental, social and governance) risks in the world’s largest securities exchanges. These risks are manifested throughout the business value chain (supply, operations and markets). Stakeholders important to the business have constantly changing expectations about how these risks are managed. Meeting today’s expectations, and anticipating tomorrow’s, are characteristics of a sustainable business.

We advocate for a clearly understood risk appetite in the organisational culture, and a strong focus on material risks. This requires a robust and dynamic, yet pragmatic, system of risk identification and evaluation that suits the organisation. It requires an effective control environment to manage the most important risks.

Risk and Governance should support the integrity of the organisation, and ensure risk-managed outcomes meet business performance expectations.


Among our key focuses and approaches are:

  • An appropriate, well-articulated and embraced risk culture
  • A strong and deep connection between the Board, its risk committee and executive leadership
  • Strong systems of governance between executive leadership and operational facets
  • Robust and pre-emptive processes of risk identification and capture
  • Risk processes and language that motivate workforce action
  • Appropriate leverage of organisational effort based on materiality
  • Risk control, management and review process that drive improvement
  • Conversion of risk management strengths to reputational advantages
  • A risk-aware and responsive organisational culture

Our advisory services include the development, implementation and testing of strategies to achieve these advantages.