ESG Advisory

Our advisory services cover ESG Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement & Reputation Management, Environmental & Social Performance, External Reporting & Communications, Board & Executive Advisory, and Leadership & Capacity Building.


We are experts in ESG risk management and building resilience through:

  • Setting of ESG risk policy and designing ESG risk frameworks
  • Defining ESG risk criteria, shaping risk appetite and optimising risk control
  • Defining ESG risk performance metrics and appropriate dashboards
  • Working with operational management to integrate ESG risk management into business process

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ESG Risk Management
stakeholder engagement reputation management


We engage with stakeholders in structured and strategic ways to help clients form a clearer and independent view of where and how their reputation can be enhanced. This helps build pathways to better reputations. Our highly experienced personnel have diplomatic and insightful investigative skills as well as deep subject matter knowledge. We leverage these to help our clients better deliver positive ESG recognition and counteract negative reputational damage.

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Each of our experienced team members has several decades of experience on a wide range of environmental and social issues. Our in-house knowledge ranges from climate change, water and tailings through to human rights and community engagement, built on site-based operational experience as well as corporate ESG leadership and independent ESG audit/assurance. Where necessary to access specific sector, subject matter or geopolitical insights, we work with people drawn from our network of experts.

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Environmental and Social Performance
External Reporting and Comms


Our team has had decades of experience fulfilling external ESG reporting requirements in a broad range of equity exchanges. These include the NYSE, LSE, ASX, HKEx, JSE and TSX.

Our experience has also included the evolution of climate risk disclosures such as the TCFD, external human rights disclosures, GRI, and the growth of disclosure standards such as SASB. We advise on the most appropriate business choices for external reporting and communications. We base this on clients risk exposures, their key stakeholders and the stage of maturity of their ESG journey.

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Our senior team includes currently-serving non-executive Board members of other organisations. Draw on our substantial prior experience in executive ESG leadership in listed mining and energy companies and global consulting firms.

We advise companies on ESG governance structures and Board level ESG decision making, driving strategic value out of ESG strategy and risk management.

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ESG Board and Executive Advisory
Leadership Capacity Building


We provide organisational design advice to help our clients cover key ESG risks, helping to build or redistribute capacity to manage them more effectively. We provide mentoring to emerging leaders, helping them benefit from our deep experience. Our team has an average of 35 years per person of ESG experience, including authorship of an ESG textbook for leaders.

The experience in developing personal and institutional capacity has been accumulated among our team members in over 70 countries, in all continents of the world, among a broad cultural diversity of ESG leaders.

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