ESG Assurance

Our assurance expertise covers public ESG reports, lender ESG covenants, The Copper Mark and Gap Analysis against ESG Standards.


We have been undertaking external independent ESG report assurance to recognised assurance standards such as AS31000 and ISEA3000 since the early 2000s.

We have delivered dozens of public assurances in various equity exchange jurisdictions covering over 200 sites in most continents of the world.

In the mining sector, we have deep, decades-long experience in undertaking assurances. Today, we work to ICMM, TSM and SASB reporting expectations.

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public ESG report
Lender Assurance


Our experience includes independent audits and assurance against lender institution criteria on ESG risk issues. We have applied standards that meet Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) expectations and various bespoke requirements built into loan and equity agreements applied in most continents of the world.

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Since the inception of the Copper MarkTM brand, Corporate Integrity has been one of the most prolific assessors of responsibly-produced copper used by many of the manufacturing buyers of the metal in the EV, technology and renewable energy sectors.

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There is a growing number of Standards in the fields of ESG. These are aimed at reducing the risk of greenwashing; they aim to provide investors and customers with a firmer guarantee of responsible corporate conduct.

ESG Gap Analysis Against Standards

The proliferation of Standards has resulted in increased complexity for ESG managers, executive leaders and Boards everywhere. It can be difficult to ascertain where effort is best placed to close the gaps that mean the most in a specific business context.

We bring our experienced practitioners to our Clients' teams to help them understand the gaps they need to focus on. We are familiar with requirements such as IFC/World Bank, ICMM, TSM, The Copper Mark and OECD.

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